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Exam dates and fees 2015

Practical exams (session one)

Last date of entry: Saturday 10 January

Grade exams

Hong Kong April-May

Practical exams (session two)

Last date of entry: Tuesday 24 March

Grade exams

Hong Kong August-November

Practical exam fees

Prep Test 800 HKD
Grade 1 1,000 HKD
Grade 2 1,160 HKD
Grade 3 1,240 HKD
Grade 4 1,370 HKD
Grade 5 1,460 HKD
Grade 6 1,630 HKD
Grade 7 1,860 HKD
Grade 8 2,170 HKD
Performance Assessment 1,460 HKD
Ensemble: Primary 1,630 HKD
Ensemble: Intermediate 1,860 HKD
Ensemble: Advanced 2,170 HKD
Choral Singing: Initial 1,570 HKD
Choral Singing: Intermediate 1,980 HKD
Choral Singing: Advanced 2,400 HKD
Choral Singing: Attendance fee 1,300 HKD

Music Theory exams (session one)

Last date of entry: Friday 5 December 2014

Exam date

Hong Kong Saturday 7 February

Music Theory exams (session two)

Last date of entry: Saturday 11 April

Exam date

Hong Kong Saturday 13 June

Music Theory exams (session three)

Last date of entry: Tuesday 11 August

Exam date

Hong Kong Saturday 17 October

Music Theory fees

Grade 1 510 HKD
Grade 2 540 HKD
Grade 3 570 HKD
Grade 4 660 HKD
Grade 5 720 HKD
Grade 6 850 HKD
Grade 7 880 HKD
Grade 8 920 HKD

Special notices

The Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority will normally charge supplementary fees in respect of late entry, late payment, the rescheduling of practical examinations and other changes required after submission of entry.

The last dates of entry refer to in-person registration. For details of postal or online registration last dates of entry, please visit (Chinese) or (English).

Diploma exams (session one)

Last date of entry: Saturday 10 January

Exam dates

Hong Kong April-May

Diploma exams (session two)

Last date of entry: Tuesday 24 March

Exam dates

Hong Kong August

Diploma exams (session three)

Last date of entry: Friday 3 July

Exam dates

Hong Kong October-November

Diploma fees

DipABRSM (complete exam) 4,130 HKD
LRSM (complete exam) 7,530 HKD*
FRSM (complete exam) 11,130 HKD
Teaching DipABRSM with Written Submission substituted 3,720 HKD
Teaching LRSM with Written Submission substituted 6,780 HKD*
Teaching FRSM with Written Submission substituted 10,020 HKD
Direction DipABRSM with Arrangement substituted 3,720 HKD
Direction LRSM with Arrangement substituted 6,780 HKD
Direction FRSM with Arrangement substituted 10,020 HKD


* LRSM Teaching fees are payable in two instalments. 40% must be paid on submission of the Case Study Portfolio & Video of Teaching Practice. The balance is payable when entering for the remaining sections of the exam.

Diploma retake information

If you are unsuccessful in passing any part of your diploma, you may wish to consider a retake.

Please bear in mind that your diploma must be completed within three years of your first attempt.

You are entitled to carry credit forwards from components passed during your previous attempt.

Please see our diploma syllabuses for more information.

Diploma retake fees

Section 1 (DipABRSM) 3,304 HKD
Section 1 (LRSM) 6,024 HKD
Section 1 (FRSM) 8,904 HKD
Sections 1 & 2.1 or 2.2 (DipABRSM) 3,720 HKD
Sections 1 & 2.1 or 2.2 (LRSM) 6,780 HKD
Sections 1 & 2.1 or 2.2 (FRSM) 10,020 HKD
Section 2.1 (DipABRSM) 1,363 HKD
Section 2.1 (LRSM) 1,883 HKD
Section 2.1 (FRSM) 2,783 HKD
Section 2.2 (DipABRSM) 1,363 HKD
Section 2.2 (LRSM) 1,506 HKD / 1,883 HKD (Direction)
Section 2.2 (FRSM) 1,670 HKD / 2,783 HKD (Direction)
Sections 2.1 & 2.2 (DipABRSM) 2,065 HKD
Sections 2.1 & 2.2 (LRSM) 3,012 HKD
Sections 2.1 & 2.2 (FRSM) 4,452 HKD
Case Studies / Video (LRSM) 3,012 HKD
Performance Demonstration (FRSM) 868 HKD

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