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关于ABRSM中国考级的说明 Statement on ABRSM Examinations in China

3 years ago

20/6/2019 - Important update from ABRSM.

Further to the information published on the ABRSM website, we would like to provide an update. ABRSM will continue to conduct music exams throughout China in all centres. The Music Theory exam will be taking place on Saturday 22 June as planned. Practical appointments for session 2 will be published from Monday 24 June. For Practical and Music Theory exams in session 3, exams have been suspended in the following centres: Kunming, Wuhan, Chengdu and Chongqing. We deeply regret the disappointment that candidates in affected centres will experience. Please contact your local Representative for more information and details of our refund procedure. We regret any uncertainty that has been caused during the last few days. We continue to work closely with respected authorities at both a provincial and national level to ensure ABRSM is able to continue to offer our services to our valued music learners throughout China, and we are grateful for their support.


就我们近日于官网发布的声明,我们希望向大家提供更多信息。ABRSM将继续在中国各地进行音乐考试。原定于6月22日星期六举行的乐理考试将如期进行。 第二期(7-8月份)演奏考试的时间和准考证信息将由当地代表处于6月24日星期一开始公布。原定于第三期(10-12月份)在昆明、武汉、成都和重庆四个考点进行的演奏及乐理考试,将会暂停。对于上述受影响考点暂停考试,让考生感到失望,我们深感抱歉。师生和家长如需进一步查询,或获取详细退款信息,请联络当地代表处。我们对于过去几天因未明确的信息对师生和家长造成不便感到抱歉。为确保ABRSM 能够继续在中国为音乐学习者提供服务,我们将继续与省级和国家级政府部门积极沟通和紧密合作,我们感谢他们的支持,也感谢大家的理解。

17/6/2019 - 尊敬的老师、家长、考生及所有ABRSM考级的相关同仁

Dear teachers, parents, pupils and all those involved with ABRSM exams,感谢您对ABRSM音乐考级的信任。您或许已经听闻,为遵守当地政府部门的执法要求,中国部分地区的ABRSM考级将由此暂停。我们一直在努力与中央和地方的政府部门就适用的监管要求和针对该等情况所应采取的措施进行沟通。We would like to address our gratitude to you for your trust over ABRSM music examinations. As you probably have known, the ABRSM examinations had to be suspended in some areas in China to accommodate the law enforcement efforts by the local government authorities in China. We have been making endeavours to communicate with the central and local government authorities regarding the applicable regulatory requirements and actions to be taken to address this situation.在过去几年间,我们一直在为ABRSM如何以符合中国法律的方式开展音乐考级并向音乐教师和考生提供支持寻求相关政府部门的指导。对于因地方政府部门采取的先发措施可能对努力准备考试的各位考生造成的影响,我们感到十分抱歉。Over the last few years we have been seeking guidance from the competent government authorities on how to continue to provide music exams, and support for music teachers and pupils, in accordance with Chinese laws. We regret the pre-emptive actions being taken at a local level that will impact students who have worked so hard to prepare for their exams.我们坚信帮助相关考生在音乐学习上取得进步是我们的首要任务,我们希望各位考生对此能够予以理解并保持耐心。我们正在就国际考级机构在中国开展活动的具体要求与相关政府部门进行积极沟通;我们亦在紧急为受影响地区所面临的困难寻求解决途径。We ask for your support and patience, as we believe that helping students make progress in their musical studies is of the highest possible importance. We are seeking to communicate with the competent authorities for its requirements on international exam providers for continuing examination activities in China, and are seeking to resolve any difficulties in specific affected areas as a matter of urgency.ABRSM衷心希望能够继续在中国与各音乐人、音乐教育者及音乐考生们合作,一同追求艺术的卓越与进步!ABRSM sincerely hopes to be able to continue to work with musicians, educators and children in China in the pursuit of artistic excellence and progress.感谢各位的支持和理解。Thank you for your support and understanding.英国皇家音乐学院联合委员会The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music2019年6月17日17 June 2019

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