Our online service will be unavailable on Monday 21 September and Tuesday 22 September while we make some important updates. We will provide a new message here once the service is available again.

Latest exam updates

Practical Update 

We appreciate how much the cancellation of our exams has affected learners and we are working hard on solutions to ensure learners can gain their qualifications at the earliest opportunity.

However, on the basis of official and local advice due to COVID-19, we have made the decision to cancel all Practical exams in Hong Kong until further notice. This decision affects all 2020 bookings for Graded Music Exams, ARSM, Diploma, Choral Singing and Ensemble exams, but does not currently affect any bookings for Music Theory exams. Following this decision, we will process 100% refunds for all existing Practical exam bookings and our Representatives will provide further guidance in due course.

We are sorry for the impact on teachers and candidates and thank you for your loyalty and support while these restrictions remain in place. We are continuing to review when live Practical exams can resume in Hong Kong and will offer them again at the earliest possible opportunity.

Our new remotely-assessed Performance Grades provide an alternative progression route for students during this period of disruption. The Performance Grades are equivalent to our Practical Grades in demand, recognition and value. They are based on the same repertoire and syllabuses, assessment criteria and quality assurance measures as our existing exams and will be assessed by the same highly trained examiners. Booking will open in Hong Kong before the end of the year and you can record your video submission any time from now on. Find out more here.

ABRSM Piano Webinars


Our Piano Webinars are the perfect chance to explore the new Piano syllabus for 2021 & 2022. They provide more hours of content and cover more pieces than ever before!


Join concert pianist Loo Bang Hean to explore music from the new Initial Grade and Grades 1-8. These sessions provide detailed performance advice, contextual information and invaluable teaching tips, surveying over 100 pieces from the piano exam books and many alternatives at the higher grades. Whether you are preparing piano students for Practical or Performance Grades, these webinars are for you!


Watch on demand! You can view and replay sessions at your leisure, during a fixed period of 21-days from the date when the content is made available from 27 August 2020. Buy a package that suits you and view on a web browser via your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

按需求觀賞!當項目在2020年8月27 日起啟用,你可以在指定的21天內按自己的空閒瀏覽及重播研討會。你可以購買適合你的組合,用智能電話、平板電腦、手提電腦或平台電腦瀏覽網頁。

Sample Video of ABRSM Piano Webinar 網上鋼琴研討會視頻樣本

What do you get?


  • Unlimited online access to pre-recorded video sessions for a fixed 21-day period. 在指定的21天時段裏,無限次數線上瀏覽預先錄製的研討會。
  • Content on 108 pieces from the new Initial Grade and Grades 1-8, including alternative pieces at the higher grades, with the largest volume of pieces covered at Grade 8 (18 pieces). 內容包括初級及一級至八級內的108首樂曲和高級別的一些備選曲,而八級討論 作品最多(十八首)。
  • 8 hours of uninterrupted presentation time with more detailed content than ever before, as compared to previous live events. 八小時無間斷的介紹時間,內容比以往現場活動更詳盡。
  • Professionally produced videos with dual angle shots, including overhead views of the piano keys and pianist’s hands. 專業製作的視頻,有雙角度拍攝,包括鍵盤及鋼琴家手的高架拍攝角度。
  • High quality sound editing to give you the best possible listening experience. 高質量聲效編輯,讓你得到最佳聆聽經驗 。
  • Ask our presenter questions about the pieces! Submit your questions during the 21-day period and you will later be given exclusive access to the presenter’s answer session. 向主講嘉賓提出你對樂曲的疑問!請於指定的21天內提出你的問題,及後你可獲專享進入主講嘉賓的回答環節。
  • A Certificate of Attendance for all those who register (one certificate per subscriber) 登記者可獲發出席證書(每位訂閱者可獲一張)。
  • Special discounts on publications from local retail partners (only available in limited territories). 以折扣優惠購買地區性零售夥伴的出版刊物(只限某些地域)。
  • Videos include Traditional Chinese subtitles. 視頻內附有繁體中文字幕。

Why online?


  • Safety comes first. By accessing the content online, you do not have to take personal risks travelling or attending live events during this time. 安全第一。透過網上獲取內容, 你不用在這時期冒險使用交通工具或出席現場活 動。
  • You can watch on demand with no distractions! View and replay videos at your convenience, from the comfort of your home or teaching studio, during the 21-day period. 你可以不受干擾地按需要收看!在這21天期間,舒適的在家中或教學工作室內, 方便的隨意觀看及重播視頻。
  • No need to take time off from work to attend a live event. You can watch the videos over a number of days, at any time that suits you! 不用為了出席現場活動而請假。你可以在一段日子內,任何適合自己時間收看視 頻。
  • It’s easy to follow all the visuals and details of sound that you may miss during a live event. 輕易掌握一些可能在現場活動時會錯過的視覺及聲音細節。
  • Accessible worldwide providing opportunities for teachers who may not have been able to attend live events. 為或許不能出席現場活動的老師們,提供全球性無障礙地進入收看的機會。

Dates and pricing


The pre-recorded video sessions will be available to teachers throughout Asia from 27 August 2020 for a fixed period of 21-days until 16 September 2020.

這個預先錄製的視頻將於20208 27日 起到 2020 916日在指定的21天內供亞洲地區的老師們收看。

One subscriber per account will receive access to their chosen package, plus a personalised Certificate of Attendance, discount voucher to redeem from a local retail partner (available in limited territories and only applicable against Bundle purchases), and the opportunity to submit questions to our presenter.


Bundle Packages*


Subscription fee (MYR)

訂閱費 (馬幣)

Approximate fee in HKD**


No. of pieces


Grades IN, 1–8 Bundle *BEST VALUE*

初級,一至八級 全套 *最優惠*

MYR 300

HKD 555


Grades IN, 1–5 Bundle

初級,一至五級 套裝

MYR 180

HKD 335


Grades 6–8 Bundle

六至八級 套裝

MYR 250

HKD 465


* includes a discount voucher to redeem from a local retail partner 包括地區性夥伴零售商的折扣換領券

**for reference only. May vary depending on the daily exchange rates. 僅供參考。可能會根據每日匯率而變化。

Individual Packages


Subscription fee (MYR)

訂閱費 (馬幣)

Approximate fee in HKD**


No. of pieces


Grade 5 Only


MYR 100

HKD 185


Grade 6 Only


MYR 100

HKD 185


Grade 7 Only


MYR 100

HKD 185


Grade 8 Only


MYR 150

HKD 280


**for reference only. May vary depending on the daily exchange rates. 僅供參考。可能會根據每日匯率而變化。

You will need to pay online with Debit / Credit card or Paypal, and funds will be collected by the Malaysian Youth Orchestra Foundation. Payment will be in Malaysian Ringgit. Payments can be made from countries outside Malaysia, but will still be charged in Malaysian Ringgit.


Retail discounts and prize draw! 零售優惠及抽獎

Retail discounts are available for those who subscribe to our webinar bundle packages only (see details above).


To get your retail discount, we will email you a unique voucher code on 14 September, with instructions on how to redeem it.


Information about the retail discounts are as follows:




Retail partner


Discount information


Hong Kong香港


Tom Lee Music


20% discount on all orders over HKD350


Valid from 14 – 30 September


Valid for ABRSM publications only


All other territories


ABRSM Online Shop


15% discount on all orders 任何消費八五折

Valid from 14 September – 7 October


Valid for ABRSM publications only



Finally, we will have a special prize draw for all webinar subscribers to enter. You can win sets of ABRSM’s Core Classics for Piano (7 books in total) or the new Scales Explorer Grades 1-5 (5 books in total). Each winner will also receive a copy of the new Initial Grade Piano Exam Pieces book.

最後,所有網上研討會的訂閱者均可參加特別抽獎。你可以贏得ABRSM’s Core Classics for Piano(共一套七本),新的Scales Explorer Grades 1-5(共一套五本)。每位得獎者亦會獲得一本新的初級鋼琴考試樂曲。

Details on how to enter the prize draw will also be emailed to you on 14 September.


Future webinars


Other webinar topics coming soon will include:


  • Duet Playing 二重奏
  • Rhythm and Articulation 節奏及演奏法
  • Balance, Texture and Sound 聲部平衡、織體及聲效
  • Interpretation and Communication 演繹方式及溝通
  • The Piano as a Melodic Instrument 鋼琴作為旋律性樂器
  • Emotional Intelligence and Characterisation 情緒智商及個性化
  • And many more! 以及更多!

Please continue to check this webpage and our social channels for updates.


Loo Bang Hean

Born in Ipoh, Malaysia, Bang Hean was the winner of the First National Mozart Piano Competition in 1987, and two years later a scholarship from the music examination board, ABRSM enabled him to study at the Royal College of Music (RCM), London.

Bang Hean’s early teachers in Malaysia include Serena Chow and Rickie Oui while in England he studied with Yonty Solomon, John Blakely and Dennis Lee. He won numerous prizes at the RCM and upon graduating received awards from the Anthony Saltmarsh Prize and the Countess of Munster Musical Trust to enable him to undergo postgraduate studies with the Hungarian teacher Professor Ilonka Deckers in Milan, Italy.

Since his return to Malaysia Bang Hean has made regular appearances in solo recitals, chamber concerts as well as concerto performances. He has appeared in most major concert venues in Malaysia and has been featured as a soloist with many of the local orchestras, including a recent concerto performance with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO) at the Dewan Filharmonik Petronas. An active chamber musician, he collaborates frequently with various instrumentalists and vocalists, and is a frequent guest pianist at the MPO chamber concert series. Bang Hean has performed abroad in countries such as England, Italy, Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Cambodia and Korea.

Bang Hean is a lecturer at the Institute of Music, UCSI University and has frequently been invited to adjudicate, examine, and conduct masterclasses and in various countries. A frequent presenter for ABRSM, he has presented seminars around South East Asia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and China, India and the Middle East.

When can I purchase the video packages? 我何時能購買視頻組合?

You will be able to access the pre-recorded video sessions from 27 August 2020. You can pay once we have launched the webinar sessions (from the beginning of the fixed 21-day period). You cannot make a payment before this period.


Can I watch the videos for 21 days after any date of purchase? 我能夠購買日期後任何一天開始收看21日嗎?

The videos are only available to access for a fixed 21-day period, from 27 August to 16 September 2020, regardless of when you make your purchase. We advise you to buy the package earlier in the 21-day period to maximise the amount of time you can view the content.

不論你什麼時候付款購買,這些視頻只可在2020年8月27日起到 2020 年 9 月 16日指定的21天內進入收看。我們建議大家盡早購買,以便能在21天限期之內獲得最長可供收看的時間。

Can I upgrade my package if I want to access the full set video sessions later如果我購買組合後,想升級選購收看整套視頻可以嗎?

No. You will need to pay for new bundles to access further content. If you think you may want to access all the content eventually, we advise you buy our best value bundle to access the entire set of video sessions (Initial Grade and Grades 1-8).


Do I need to pay every time I login and watch the videos? 我每次登入收看視頻都需要付款嗎?

No. Your purchase gives you unlimited access to watch the videos in your chosen package(s) during the 21-day period from 27 August to 16 September 2020.


Can I sign-up and pay for multiple accounts at once? 我可以登記並同時為多個賬號繳費嗎?

You can only sign up individually: one subscriber per account. Therefore if you are a group of 10 teachers from a school, you will need to subscribe (register and pay) individually.


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