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December    2019

Hong Kong Music Teacher Conference

The ABRSM Music Teacher Conference will be an inspirational few days, packed with practical ideas to develop your teaching, delivered by expert presenters from the music world. There is something for everyone, with two keynotes an additional 14 different sessions for you to choose a programme that suits your needs and interests.  

December 2019

Percussion workshop in Hong Kong, 5 December 2019 敲擊樂考綱研習會

Join us on 5 December 2019 for a morning workshop introducing our new Percussion syllabus. This workshop will be presented by ABRSM’s Chief Examiner, John Holmes, who will guide you through the changes to the new Percussion syllabus and refreshed repertoire. 首席考官John Holmes講解新考綱主要變化和全新曲目。英文主講,粵語同聲傳譯。



Global High Scorers' Concert

Uniting people through the power of music.



ABRSM Piano Webinars 英國皇家音樂學院聯合委員會網上鋼琴研討會

Our Piano Webinars are the perfect chance to explore the new Piano syllabus for 2021 & 2022. They provide more hours of content and cover more pieces than ever before! 我們的網上鋼琴研討會是一個很好的機會去探索2021至2022新的鋼琴考試綱目。它的內容比以往更豐富,涵蓋的曲目有史以來最廣。

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